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2016 q2 Newsletter

Ah, summer.   Sunny skies and fecund fields.

I had occasion the last rite to observe the gardens of my kinsman, Donald.  Imagine several rows of neatly constructed lumber beds arrayed rank-and-file in a field of mulch and topsoil.   Heads of cabbages and cauliflowers bursting forth from their resting places.  Brilliant marigolds blazoned in the midsummer sun.

“Now,” I thought, “here was something.”  Peace and growth and giddy lushness as befits an Ingsman.

Ah, growth.  Our proverbial gardens grow well at GVK.

April was a rite to Eostre.  In May we celebrated our flower festival to Frige, the tribal mother whose vision engendered our little kindred.  Most recently at Litha we honored the elves and the sun.  Some people like Yule, and some people favor the autumnal harvest festivals; personally I enjoy the spring and summer rites and their warm sense of respite from the winter.

We have instituted a series of workshops for ourselves and our guests, spearheaded by our Larwita, Cat, but augmented by the wider kindred.    In April we discussed the roles of Inneryard and Outeryard, concepts fundamental to Heathenry.  May’s workshop was unfortunately skipped due to time constraints.  We did however resume with a vengeance in June with an interesting workshop on elves.

The point stands that if you come to our events, you will learn something.  You will also enjoy the delectable potluck fares of many a fine cook.  Not least, you will find comfort in the fellowship and ribald humor of a fine crowd.

But at the end of the day, it is about honoring the gods.  On that account I think we excel as well.

I am very proud of our liturgy.  We have blended the best parts of ritual from the Heathen and ADF-Druid worlds, and interjected some of our own unique variations.  We begin with a hallowing ritual – our weonde song – which is something you probably won’t see at any other kindred.  We then invite our Luckgivers and furnish them all due offerings.  We proceed to the typical three round symble.  One of our innovations in the last few years is to hold a lighthearted fourth (sometimes fifth round) to any member or guest who has a birthday.  Afterwards, we perform a runic omen to divine the will of the gods.  We close with a blessing rite by asperging our guests with mead.

Finally as runwita, or runic seer, let me say the All-Father has never steered us wrong.  Sometimes he speaks vaguely about general patterns that may take a while to manifest.  Other times he makes a direct comment which leaves little room for doubt.   Our most recent rune reading was on remembering the obligations of our relationships that we may furnish new growth among us.

Here is to new growth!   GVK wishes you all lush gardens and flowing fields.  May you have a bountiful summer.

— Jeremy

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