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How to become a member of GVK

The first thing to note is that Great Valley Kindred is a private Kindred. We do not hold open rites for the public because we are building frith within our Kindred and inviting potential conflict into that would only do harm. We believe our tribe comes first, so our decisions as a Kindred always have that in mind.

That said, it’s not impossible to become involved in Great Valley Kindred. It’s intentionally not an instantaneous membership so that only those who are truly dedicated and truly interested in building frith can be a part of the tribe. Here is the basic process.

Step 1: Attend a Pubmoot.

Pubmoots are generally the only public event we have, and they are fairly few and far between. They are public events designed to allow folks interested in the Kindred to meetup with us in a public location (generally for a meal) to ask questions and allow first impressions from both sides. If there is a decent enough connection and no red flags, you will be invited to one of our rites. Do not come to a pubmoot expecting this invitation, however.

Alternatively, if no Pubmoot is scheduled soon, you can contact us and request meeting one of our Elders for coffee or something or to schedule a pubmoot in the near future.

A third option would be attend a public festival that you know we are attending based on our events calendar. You can speak with one of our Elders there, generally, and hang out at our camp to learn more about us and vice versa.

Step 2: Attend 9 Rites.

After we’ve met you on neutral ground, and you are invited to start attending rites, your next step in joining should just be education. Learn about who we are, what we are doing, ask questions, read through recommending reading sources, etc.  Spend time with the Kindred over the next several months to make sure it is a fit for you, as we will be doing the same. These 9 rites do not have to be consecutive, but we prefer the next several months not be sparse either.

Step 3: Serve as Gildan for a year

After you have attended 9 rites with us, you can request to pledge to the Kindred as a Gildan.

This is not an oath, but rather a public declaration that you wish to become a member of the Kindred and are pledging to do the work necessary to make that happen. If accepted by the Elders, this pledge will be made at the next faining rite, and you will be considered Gildan for the next year. During this time you will be expected to undertake the GVK Study Program specifically built for the Kindred. It’s not intensive, but it is very crucial to the knowledge-base of what Great Valley Kindred is.

As Gildan you are not expected ot pay dues and do not have a vote at board meetings. You are, however, granted access to member-only information and events and expected to take an active role in the Kindred by attending rites and meetings as available. You will be able to also take on roles in our rituals and non-witan positions in the Kindred.

Step 4: Oath to the Kindred

After your year of Gildan membership of 1 year, and completion of the study program, you will be invited (you do not ask) to become an Elder in Great Valley Kindred. This only happens if all of the Elders unanimously agree to bring you into the Innangardh (inner yard). If there are any discrepancies in that decision, then the offer to Oath will not be made in order to continue building Frith with existing members of the Kindred.

As an Elder, you will be expected to pay our $30/quarter dues, attend a certain amount of rites and meetings, and vote in any decisions that require it. You can also run for any witan positions as they are made available.

Our oaths are also not for life or anything like that. We fully understand that life directions change, people move, etc. You oath only for as long as you want to remain a member of Great Valley Kindred.