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Who is Great Valley Kindred?

Great Valley Kindred is an Anglo-Saxon kindred, servicing those Heathens who live in or near the Cumberland & Shenandoah Valleys.  GVK meets on a regular basis in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, but our members hail from all over from Cumberland Maryland to Laurel Maryland and Reading Pennsylvania or York Pennsylvania.

We are committed to building a peaceful, non-racialist and non-political version of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry.  We are rooted in scholarship and historical reality, but mindful of the needs of the modern world and contemporary culture.

We are not Folkish.

We understand that Folkish, Tribalist, and Universalism all have different meanings to different people. And while we’re adamantly not Folkish, we understand that labels such as these are inconsistent and can never truly define a heathen group in full.

So to give you a brief of what we do believe, rather than try to sum up what we don’t:

  • We believe that anyone can worship Heathen Gods no matter their ethnic background. We have various ethnicities in our Kindred Tribe, and they all bring something positive to our tribal experience.
  • Our Kindred Tribe comes first in all things. The safety our of members and the frith within our group is more important to us than allowing disruptive individuals to attend rites or join our Kindred. Every discussion that involves the growth of our Kindred must have a unanimous outcome or we simply don’t move forward with it. That doesn’t mean we always agree on things, but if an outsider has an issue with one of our oathed members, then that outsider is not welcome among our people.
  • We have a multitude of political backgrounds, and while they differ a great deal, our core principles of what affects our Kindred are the same which is how we manage to function together so well. So while we may have Libertarians, Republicans, or Democrats in our group, we don’t define them as such, and instead appreciate the difference in opinions outside of our core values. We don’t expect our members to agree on all things, but we do expect that our humanitarian beliefs be universal. An example of this would be the right for gay marriage is something we are in full support of and expect anyone who wishes to join, no matter their political background, to support that particular issue. Other issues such as gun rights, don’t necessarily affect our kindred directly, therefor we support diversity of opinions on that issue.

Where we are

We meet roughly once a month for semi-public rites to those Heathens and interested parties who are known to us. Occasionally we also have meetings that are closed affairs for members only. We hold occasional pubmoots which are open to the public as the initial venue to meet any new heathens interested in Great Valley Kindred. We also attend festivals and events in the wider Mid-Atlantic and East Coast Heathen community.

Please peruse this site to get a better sense of us.  You can also like us on Facebook. Or contact us directly.