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History of GVK

Great Valley Kindred was started in 2012, with our first rite being Midsummer of that year. The starting inspiration for the Kindred was a trip to Rocky Gap in Cumberland Maryland, where a former founder had vision of Freo’s golden eyes and a premonition he would meet another heathen within the week.

That same week, this former founder (Unnamed), and also now elder Josh French, ran into each other at a local shopping center and spotted each others hammers. Thus, Great Valley Kindred began in a damp basement in Hagerstown, Maryland.

The name “Great Valley Kindred” is meant to describe the rolling valley’s in the Western Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania area where we are located. The combination of Cumberland Valley and Susquehannah Valley, and the inclusion of the Appalachian Mountains helped define the name of what we now know as Great Valley Kindred.

As we began to grow, we brought in members who had already established themselves in various communities such as ADF, Thor’s Hollow Retreat, etc. The name of Great Valley Kindred started to become more of a figure in the Mid-Atlantic with a positive reputation and a willing contribution. We began to give considerate thought to actual organization, membership levels, obligations, and build frith among our Innangardh.

In 2014 we created our first membership levels and held our first election of official Witan positions (though we had been using the names of these positions previously).

After meeting regularly in Hagerstown, we moved locations to Gettysburg, PA in 2014 for convenience and as the locale of our Wéofodþygen. This also allowed us to serve a broader area from Philadelphia to D.C. 

With 9 dedicated members and countless Freonds of the Kindred that attend events regularly, we now contribute educational workshops, have published authors, business leaders, an ordained Priest, prolific writers, and a timeless bond and relationship with our Innangardh.