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Jeremy is largely of Germanic and Anglo-Saxon extraction,  and his family settled in America in the early 1700s.

Having experimented with various “alternative” religions since his early 20s, he finally settled on Heathenry.  He was attracted by the mystique of the runes and the Lore of the All-Father.  He is, in fact, sworn to Woden.

Jeremy is one of the original members of Great Valley Kindred.   He is a member of The Troth and a member of ADF.

Outside of Heathenry,  Jeremy’s interests are varied: psychology, philosophy, art, literature, history and science.  He loves writing.  He has been known to imbibe a craft beer, and dabbles in home brewing.


2017 q4 newsletter

The 3rd quarter we omitted a newsletter due to time constraints.  Everything was under control, though.  Herein follows the 4th quarter review. Past Happenings October:  Winter Nights saw a semi-private ritual to Ing and the Ancestors. This was a blood sacrifice involving a farm animal.  Our weofodthegn is a farm girl and has been trained …

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The Whisper on the Winds

(This essay copyrighted to Jeremy Baer.  This is a personal opinion piece from the individual author meant to share experience and insight. It is not intended as a scholarly article, nor is its ethos necessarily endorsed in whole by the Kindred.  Anyone wishing to share experiences are free to do so by e-mailing GVK kindred  …

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