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Gildan Study Course Outline

Great Valley Kindred has developed a training course for our Gildan (new pledged members) to take on as part of their learning process before oathing to the Kindred. It provides the proper foundations for education about Anglo-Saxon heathenry as we practice in GVK. We believe a course such as this will allow our members to integrate smoothly into the Kindred with a better understanding of what we believe and why. We want all of our members to be good representations of GVK and feel like they are a part of the always-evolving structure as we grow.

The objectives of this course are as follows:

  • Promote understanding of the internal structure of GVK
  • Promote a basic understanding of the function of ritual within a Heathen context and the rationale behind the various stages of ritual in our liturgy
  • Promote understanding of key concepts in Anglo-Saxon Heathenry and encourage the application of those concepts in everyday life
  • Provide an introduction to the Heathen Holy Powers

Basic Course Outline:

Part One – Kindred Structure

During this section, the Gildan will understand the basic outline of Membership levels within GVK

Part Two – Ritual, Liturgy, and the Ritual Year

Here our Gildan will learn about the differences between the GVK ritual calendar and the lore of Germanic holidays. They will also discover the purposes of certain elements in ritual, their history, and how they serve the Kindred.

Part Three – Key Concepts in Anglo-Saxon Heathenry

In this section, Gildan will learn some key concepts to help them understand the structure of Anglo-Saxon heathenry, especially how it applies to GVK. What is the worldview of Heathens and how it can be applied in the modern mindset?

Part Four – The Holy Powers

Gildan will learn who it is that we worship and how this is applied within the Kindred.

The full course is available to Great Valley Kindred members only.