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Recommended Reading

GVK endorses the following sources as helpful in building our version of local Heathenry.   This list is by no means exhaustive, but gives a sense of where we are coming from.

Our choices for primary sources and modern scholarship should not elicit any controversy.  For books by and for modern Heathens,  those we have chosen were based on the following criteria:

  • The author(s)’ work seems more or less grounded in scholarship and historical reality.  Some UPG is allowed if it is clearly presented as such.
  • The author discusses what we understand as Heathenry proper, rather than something more controversial which may exist at the fringes of Heathenry (e.g., Jotun worship).
  • The author does not seem to have any kind of agenda that is inimical to our interests or understanding of Heathenry (e.g., racism).


Primary Sources

Prose Edda.  Various translations.

Poetic Edda.  Various translations.   The Larrington translation is probably the best for newcomers. 

Germania by Tacitus.

Beowulf.  The Seamus Heaney translation has the Old English facing the modern English.


Modern Scholarship

Elder Gods by Stephen Pollington.  Expensive, but an invaluable look at Anglo-Saxon religion.

Rudiments of Runelore by  Stephen Pollington.  A no-nonsense look at what is known about the Anglo-Saxon runes.

Meadhall by Stephen Pollington.  Somewhat dry, but great at illuminating this critical aspect of Old English culture.

Culture of The Teutons by Wilhelm Groenbech.   Dry and very dense, but an excellent look at Germanic worldview.

We Are Our Deeds by Swain Wodening. A crucial source that explains modern Heathen Worldview.

Sacred Gifts by Kirk Thomas. A new but definitive resource on the gifting cycle.

Lost Gods of England by Brian Branston.   A scholarly but easy read. Available from used-books vendors online.

Looking for the Lost Gods of England by Kathleen Herbert.  A short but mighty read.

Gods and Myths of Northern Europe by HRE Davidson .  If there is only one book to read from a scholar, it would be this.   Very readable and elucidating.


Books by and for modern Heathens

Our Troth,  volumes 1 and 2.    Written by many contributors, these two volumes are a very decent read of how modern Heathens approach their gods and religion.

Teutonic Religion by Kvedulf Gundarsson.   A readable yet scholarly look at the major aspects of Germanic polytheism.



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