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GVK on Facebook is our public Facebook page that everyone is encouraged to like to learn more about us.  It is here that we will post schedules for public pub-moots where new interested parties can meet us (as is required) before attending our monthly events.

Great Valley Kindred is our semi-public presence on Facebook.  It is here that Kindred members and friends of the Kindred can follow our public events and also discuss Heathenry in general.   Please only send a request to the administrators to join if you have met us in person and we invite you to participate in our monthly fainings.

The Troth is an umbrella organization for a wide range of interests and personalities of non-racialist Heathenry.  It serves as a welcoming “gateway” to Heathenry, and its two volumes of Our Troth are excellent reading.  For advanced students there is a Lore Program and a Clergy Program.

Open Halls Project is a project started by two Great Valley Kindred Elders to provide support for active military heathens.

Thor’s Hollow Retreat is a Heathen owned campground located in northern Virginia.  It holds festivals from April through October for the Heathen and Druid communities.

ADF is a pan-Indo-European neopagan organization dedicated to public rituals.  It is the largest Druid group in North America.  While the membership leans Celtic, there is still an active Norse and Anglo-Saxon community within ADF.   ADF offers a variety of study programs.

Hallowed Ground ProtoGrove, ADF is an ADF ProtoGrove (with many of the same members as the Kindred) that offers Indo-European public ritual. Any rites that require ordained clergy will be done in the ADF format through Hallowed Ground ProtoGrove.

Summerstow is a yearly heathen festival geared towards a gathering of reconstructive heathens to provide a weekend of food and discussion without the need to force us all into ritual and worship when we all come from different beliefs.  Great Valley Kindred helps sponsor this event.

WinterNights is a yearly heathen festival located at Thor’s Hollow Retreat for the mid-atlantic heathens to gather and celebrate and attend workshops centered around a different deity each year.

Real Heathenry is a blog to debunks some of the more secular and ill-informed Asatru mindsets for historical value.

Regarding Heathenry is a podcast started by a good friend of Great Valley Kindred that discusses heathen topics for educational purposes.

Autiofile by Ashli Autio. A blog by a friend of GVK that provides well-researched heathenry topics.

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