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2016 q4 newsletter

Howdy, friends.

In October, we had a “blot” in the truest sense of the word, which is to say a blood offering.  Our closest associates gathered at Winter Nights as an animal was sacrificed in honor of Ing and the Ancestors.  We are fortunate to gather at a farmhouse, where our presiding spiritual officer is a farmer trained to properly butcher animals humanely and to properly dispose of the offal.  Given the nature of Winter Nights, we felt a blood offering was entirely appropriate.

In November we held a rite for the All-Father.  (No, before you ask, we did not hang anyone, nor otherwise practice human sacrifice). Woden was honored in his guise as leader of the Wild Hunt.  As always, we gratefully receive his runic wisdom.

December saw us honor the Matronae, the motherly spirits who guard tribe and family.  A great Yule feast was had.

We are pleased to announce that Cat and Josh Heath, after a year of serving as Gildan (intermediate members), were elevated at the December rite to Elders (full members).  An oath of Frith was given (and accepted) in front of the gods and the folk.

We expect to elevate some of our associates to Gildan shortly as the new year dawns.



Back in January, our runic omens for the year were Ior, Ac and Ur – runes that deal with strength and adaptability.  We interpreted the omens as saying we would “level up” (to employ a terminology from modern gaming). We would gain in experience, wisdom and strength.

All individuals in the kindred have advanced in their own ways, whether in their careers or personal studies. The kindred as a whole continues to grow and prosper.  It’s been a year of growth and progression – with all the joys and pangs that come with growth.  We are well-placed to tackle the coming year with gusto.

GVK wishes you a Glad Yule and Happy New Year.  Hopefully we’ll see you at our rites and pubmoots.


— Jeremy and GVK

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