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2017 q4 newsletter

The 3rd quarter we omitted a newsletter due to time constraints.  Everything was under control, though.  Herein follows the 4th quarter review.

Past Happenings

  • October:  Winter Nights saw a semi-private ritual to Ing and the Ancestors. This was a blood sacrifice involving a farm animal.  Our weofodthegn is a farm girl and has been trained to humanely slaughter and properly dispose of the offal.
  • November: The Wild Hunt was observed in honor of Woden. I (Jeremy) gave a workshop on Woden that went over well.  The kindred helped the hosts stack a considerable amount of firewood.
  • December: For Mothers’ Night we honored the ancestresses of the tribe and implored their motherly advice via runes.  I (Jeremy)  taught a brief workshop on home brewing, and we started a one gallon jug of apple cinnamon cider to ferment, which we will test in January.

Future Happenings

  • January 14:  Creation of the World
  • February 11th: Charming of the Plow
  • March 18th: Earth Mother Day
  • April 8th: Eostre and Hretha
  • May 12: Flower Festival to Frigga

Special Notice

We began the year with inducting a new member, and we ended the year in the same fashion. Eric G has pledged ad Gilda, and intermediate level of membership.

We now total 10 members: 6 “Elders” or full members, and 4 “Gildan” or intermediate members.

That is all I have for now.  Glad Yule and Happy New Year.


— Jeremy



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