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GVK Quarter 2 Newsletter for 2018

A lot has been happening over the course of 2018 so far for Great Valley Kindred. While we may not have had a Q1 newsletter, I’ll cover the basics of what we’ve been up to as we transition into an exciting  second half of the year.

Past Happenings

  • January: Creation of the World, we did a ceremonial recreation of the cosmos and bid farewell to our Notwritere Jeremy as he moved to New York. We experienced a full house for this rite, one of our largest, but it was warm and full of frith.
  • February:  Charming of the Plow was not observed due to many of our members being sick.
  • March: Eorthan Modor Daeg where we honored the Eorthan Modor (Earth) and our Notwritere Jeremy announced his recent engagement. We were finally able to get outdoors for this rite, which was a blessing. Gildan Kim and Elder Josh taught a workshop on gardening basics and soil creation in honor of Eorthan Modor.
  • April: For Eostre we happily bid farewell to Hretha and her biting cold and welcome Eostre and all the bounty of Spring.  We also took in the pledge of two new Gildan members, Aurora and Connor, who will be joined together in marriage later this year performed by our own, Wéofodþygen, Crystal.
  • May: Our annual Flower Festival in honor of our founding inspiration, Frige, we took time beforehand to do a one-shot D&D team building session before the rite.
  • June: We continued our new tradition of honoring Sunna and the Landwights with our annual SunnaFest. This weekend consists of camping that is open to all folk in good standing with Great Valley Kindred, so no membership required. While it rained and was muddy, the weekend was fantastic with a lot of frith-building and discussion for the betterment of the Kindred.We also announce the stepping down of Jeremy from his positions within Great Valley Kindred as he builds a new life with his wife in New York. He still remains a dedicated member to our Kindred. We wish him well and look forward to when he is able to join us in our rites and remains a part of our tribe.

Future Happenings

  • July 8th:  Tiw Faining
  • August 19th: Loafmass to celebrate the first harvest and Thunor
  • September Labor Day Weekend: Members Only Annual Campout
  • TBD: October Winternights, November Wild Hunt, December Yule

GVK now has a “Dirty Dozen” amount of members, with new potential candidates on the horizon. We’ve been enjoying the organic growth and close-knitness of our tribe. We want to support the continued growth in a way that supports our vision and sustainability as a Kindred. While we don’t actively recruit, and have no desire to do so, we are happy to meet and greet new potential heathens in the area if the situation arises.

Look for new workshops, new articles, and new contributions coming from Great Valley Kindred this year 🙂

Crystal Groves, Wéofodþygen of Great Valley Kindred

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