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Author: Crystal Groves

430524_10150560429785974_256981974_nCrystal found Great Valley Kindred through Jeremy, having known him through ADF.  Crystal has been a member of ADF since 2003, and an Ordained Priest of ADF since 2010.  She is a mix of German, Cherokee, and Irish (mainly German) descent, to which she holds a large interest in studying all three major bloodlines through genealogy.  This led her to Heathenry and the desire to find something more…frith oriented.

In the mundane world, Crystal is a Tech Entrepreneur of the web company Misfit Interactive. She is also a Blogger, Farmer/Homesteader, Health-Nut, and Musician.  She has taught workshops on fiscal responsibility, marketing, and fundraising for various pagan groups.

In GVK, Crystal serves as the Wéofodþygen or “spiritual leader” during our faining rites.  She also acts as Kindred treasurer and webmaster.