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CatI was born in the wilds of Chorley, in the North West of England. In a time before iPhones, GPS, music television, coffee shops, Subway, Internet, and anything really ‘new fangled’ and ‘forrin’. A golden time of meat pies, fish and chips, and dilapidated industry, in which we had to make our own entertainment.

Usually setting things on fire.

Or hiking on the moors.

I started praying to Heathen gods when I was 11 after reading about them during ‘silent reading’ at school. At around 13/14, after a brief jaunt into Christianity to drink communion wine, I found books on Paganism in the local library and realized other people did that too.

When I was 17, I encountered the internet and discovered that if you worshipped Germanic gods, you were Heathen.

I did a whole lot of moorland hiking, spent my time hanging out at places like burial mounds, and gifting the wīhta. Eventually I escaped Chorley, lived in lots of places -often in tents- and got a useless degree. Then one day, after living in Chorley again for a while, I decided to move to Korea, and so I did. When there, I met another Heathen who I ended up marrying. I became more Anglo-Saxon/Continental Germanic focused in my Heathenry. We lived in Germany for a few years then moved to the States. At some point we spawned offspring, and that brings to now.

I’m Cat, I’m a (mostly formerly) itinerant English chick, toddler-wrangler, and spinning Wicce.

I’m also awesome.


Mapping the Heathen Soul

Introduction Over the years, there have been multiple attempts by various writers in the Heathen and Pagan communities to explain the matter of ‘soul’ to other Heathens and Pagans. Explanations have ranged from the complex and suspiciously Kabbalistic-feeling ‘9 part soul complex’, to a form of non-dualism in which there is no detachable soul. It …

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